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Attention Coaches!

Posted on September 5, 2020 By In Fitness With disabled comments

Attention Coaches…

One day after turning 49 and I’m already COMING OUT!!

I have been keeping a big secret! Although you see my books, my programs, etc alll about (aging, fitness, and nutrition) this is NOT ALL I AM… Wait what?! You see, It’s what I have built. It’s what I created from nothing. But that’s not all of who I Am. “Who I AM” is also someone who provides simple solutions. I am someone who gets to the root of problems quickly, identifies solutions and SIMPLIFIES them. I’m someone who helps other find their potential and possibility which then gets them powerful radical life changing results.

How do I do this?


And “sales” is not a slimy thing. It’s just done wrong a LOT and that’s why people are so uncomfortable with that word. When it’s done right, It’s a super amazing helpful skill for all parties involved! And it’s very likely the missing ingredient from your coaching business!

I spent 20 years as a top sales person and sales trainer in corporate America before ever creating Natalie jill fitness. My friends and clients that know me well would all tell you it’s my SUPER POWER. It’s where I lose track of time, it’s where I provide the most value and it’s what lights me up and it’s where I could actually could help you a LOT.

Fitness and nutrition was my passion and hobby: that’s why I built in the niche I did, but SALES is my super power. And my knowledge of that is what helped hundreds of thousands of you lose the weight, gain back your confidence and THRIVE.

But I’m ready to expand and create from my true gift Big time. I’ve been doing this with private clients behind the scenes for years and I’m almost at capacity with private clients so I’m launching a private 10 week program specifically for coaches that want to master this and quickly.

I will have 30 spots for this first round that starts in mid OCTOBER. This is for you if you want to learn my entire DVA method for growing, expanding and monetizing YOUR brand.

If you are in my world and you are a coach and you want to learn this from me in a small coaching group (virtual over 10 weeks) Fill out the application HERE


Natalie Jill

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Weekly Link Love – Edition 97

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Research of the Week

A bodybuilding supplement reduces frailty and extends lifespan in mice.

Honey bee venom shows efficacy against cancer cells.

Beard prevalence predicts intra-sexual competition among men.

Exercise promotes general stress resilience.

Selenium deficiency is a major factor in cardiomyopathy.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 443: Dallas Hartwig: Host Elle Russ welcomes Dallas Hartwig, who wants you to live in tune with the seasons.

Primal Health Coach Radio Episode 74: Laura and Erin chat with Laura Poburan about cultivating your intuition.

Media, Schmedia

Walking isn’t enough.

Interesting Blog Posts

Vitamin D nearly abolishes the risk of ICU admittance in COVID-19.

Ancient Briton home decor.

Social Notes

What do you want from me?

Embrace flexibility.

Everything Else

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine wants to get rid of daylight savings time.

I want a singing dog.

The Lost Colony of Roanoke wasn’t actually lost. Turns out the English settlers left the settlement to join the natives (to find ourselves, maaaan).

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

I agree with all of this: Longevity advice from a Japanese doctor who lived to 105.

Research I found interesting: Fat is the main source of glucose in fasting.

Cool study: Highly-purified fish oil reduces atherosclerosis.

Sadly I’m not surprised: Plastics and other endocrine disrupting-agents could increase the risk of severe COVID-19.

You love to see it: California dairies are on their way to climate neutrality.

Question I’m Asking

Should we get rid of daylight savings time?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 29 – Sep 4)

Comment of the Week

“I recently decided to imagine myself as a Teflon duck that stress slides off the back of.”

-Nice visual, joel.


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