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Staying positive in unprecedented times

Posted on April 28, 2020 By In Fitness With disabled comments
  1. We keep hearing that it is “unprecedented times.” Thank you! We got the memo lol…  Everywhere we turn, look, scroll, and listen we hear this. Our lives have changed… Got it. Our comfort has been stretched… Got it.

There is a lot unknown about the virus. Our rights are changing, our normalcy has changed and many are feeling uncertain, fearful and some, angry and even rebellious. And,  It is SO HARD to know who to follow, what to listen to, and what to believe and more.

The truth of the matter is no one actually knows what will come from these times because it is new to EVERYONE.

There seems to be three categories of people: Those who act like nothing has changed, those who seem to have ALL the answers and blame and want to shout it to the world, and those that are observing….

I have been personally turned off to people I follow that fall into those first two categories. Either not acknowledging what’s going on in the world. This one erks me because this is a REAL human experience right now! A very real one- and if somebody that you’ve been working with or following  is not acknowledging it on some level take a deeper look. To me that doesn’t feel  very authentic.

The second category, the ones that blame and have all the answers (they don’t… no one does right now), those are a special type of person as well. I choose to avoid those right now.

The third category is broad. Many fit into that. The ones that I look up to that ARE the ones acknowledging what is going on in the world,  they are sharing that they too are living this human experience. They do not pretend to have all of the answers but they are real, authentic and sharing helpful tips on how they are navigating the uncertainty of these times. 

Oh there you are reptile brain! 

I believe that so many of us early on with the changes were  truly operating from our reptile brain. SHOCK, and Freeze. A LOT of us were operating from this place. We were shocked and then we FROZE.  And then to make it worse, we started binge watching the news or  going down the road of Facebook and spinning our heads in-doomsday. This felt right to some extent initially because fear wants to VALIDATE others in fear. And it feels good to not feel alone.

If that’s something you are still doing, I’m going to encourage you to disrupt that because right now this is a pivotal point in your life. Before all of  this happened, how many times did you say to your friends, your family, people in your business, “I wish I had more time.” And right now, we’ve all been gifted, a huge gap of more time. You have more time right now. We have more time with our families. More time to think, more time to get creative, more time to take care of ourselves. There’s a lot of more time in this and that’s a choice. You have a choice to focus on the gift and more time than what we get to focus on. Or you can choose to stay stuck in. There’s change and I’m not comfortable and that’s always a choice. It’s always a decision.

Here is what you need to know:

Anxiety comes from operating in past or FUTURE, not present.

When we are anxious or worried it is because we are typically stuck in past comparison (what used to be) OR about the FUTURE (what may or may not happen). Focussing and living in past or future creates worry and anxiety. How do we stop that? We focus on the NOW. The PRESENT moment. Right here, right now. The simplest way to do this? Think about your BREATH. Bring it back to breathing and stay there. Do this every-time you find yourself in worry or anxiety. AND know this… Right now, right here in THIS moment, you actually ARE safe.

Innovation and Creativity are born in trying times

It is during tough times and setbacks that creativity and innovation happens. When we look at this, a year from now, there’s going to be new businesses, new concepts, new ideas, new miracles that came from this time, which is really incredible and you have an opportunity right now realizing this to be on the forefront of  this. This is where pain (now) will become the purpose for them later.

I am 48 years old as I write this. I lived in Washington DC during 9/11 when the USA FROZE and we worried about everything.I lived in Reston, Virginia a year later during the sniper attacks.  I was in the neighborhood when we were scared to leave our house as we were fearful we would be shot by a sniper! We were stuck in our homes  scared for our lives. 

In 2007-2009 when I lost my house, I was in huge debt. My life felt like it was over. I was beyond depressed and did not know at that time how I would get through it all.

And here is what I know for sure…. from all of those times were born magnificent things. Personally, after 9/11 and the sniper attacks I moved to CA and met my daughters dad. I have my daughter because of those times.

After the 2009 crash, my whole business was formed. Now from that horrible time in my life during 2009, my whole business today, how I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people transform was because of that hard time.

Why do I share all of this? Because I want you to lean into the feelings, the pain, the lessons and the purpose of it all instead of staying stuck and frozen.

Here are a few tips that I’ve been helping my one on one coaching clients with 

Make a decision.

Make a decision for what you want to come out of this space  for YOU. Literally DECIDE.  For example: ” I am  decide that I’m coming out more creative”  or “I am deciding I’m coming out healthier” or “I decide I’m coming out more connected with my family” or “I decide I am just going to be super present with my feelings each day.” It does not matter what you decide, it just matters that you DO decide something. Do not leave this to facebook scrolling chance.

Stop letting people decide for you. Stop letting Facebook newsfeed decide for you. Stop letting whatever decide for you. 

Honor your feelings.

Honor your feelings. If you’re feeling anxious, if you’re feeling sad, if you’re feeling confused, whatever it is, feel it. The only way out of a feelings is to literally feel it and let it run through you. Do not numb it. An exercise that I have many of my clients doing when they’re spinning in their minds with worry (for example, my husband lost his job! Or,  my business is tanking!) Whatever it is, when you’re spinning, I’m going to encourage you to take a walk, take a break, grab your journal and ask yourself “what is the worst case scenario?” Let your mind ponder it. Give it space and time to go down the road of the worst case scenario. Because what you’re going to discover is your worst case scenario is not that freaking bad. It’s not that bad.

In 2009 my worst case nightmare was what if I lose my house? And I sat down, I wrote out what would happen. I learned the foreclosure laws, I learned everything, and knowing the worst case lifted my spirits because it wasn’t that bad. So I’m gonna encourage you to really think through what is my worst case scenario. Stop immediately obsessing over the Facebook news. It’s worse than the actual news.

CONTROL what you can control and let everything else go.

Make two list. What you CAN control and what you can’t control. For all that you CAN control? Do more of THAT. For example, you CAN control what you eat. You CAN control what you watch, listen to and who you talk to. You CAN control what time you wake up and what time you can go to sleep. Do more of what you CAN control and let go of everything you can’t. Download podcast, get some great books, take on controlling what you are taking “in”

CONTROL your social media time

Social media is a double edged sword. It helps us stay connected AND it can hurt us. Two things I did on my personal Facebook, not my business one (which took me an hour)

  1. I deleted and unfriended everyone I didn’t personally know, end of story. 1,800 people, I removed, took me an hour just going out, back order was done, and cleaned up my whole feed.
  2. I also set a timer on my phone. Yup I did that. This is scary to many of you. I noticed the first week I had spent one day, six hours on Facebook. That is not acceptable. You can see that on your phone. You can check your screen time. I put a lock on my phone. I get an hour period a day to scroll. This will help you stop the Facebook newsfeed drama. We can’t do anything. Reading doomsday doesn’t help anything.

Take on your day

Meaning schedule it. Get up, get dressed, put makeup on. Create a schedule, get stuff done. Progress, move forward. Do what every day. No way should you be at home? No. I mean maybe like some of you guys could do what? I guess Mel supposed if you don’t want to make it but seriously, lady gets herself together every day. Get up, get dressed, pretend like this is normal because we’re putting you back in normalcy. So to do all of that. You may even want to spruce up your look with Moxie magnetic Lashes (up they are a thing lol. Use coupon Natalie10 to save

Get outside every single day. don’t care if it’s hot there or whatever nature, vitamin D sunlight does miracles for you. Get yourself outside, kinda walk or just go outside. Get yourself outside, ground yourself with earth, like put yourself back there. There’s nothing better than actual natural vitamin D. You can get it in 15 minutes just from being outside 15 minutes. That’s all you change your whole mood. 


You have the time now. You can do it at home with your own bodyweight. AND it will shift your mood. You may not feel like it but I promise just even a few minutes every day of moving your body will change your whole mood. I would love to help you. I even bundled together all of my best selling home workouts into a super discounted price here

Connect with others.

Do this every single day. Connect with friends over FaceTime. Or download the app called house party where you can get a couple of your friends on at the same time! Do virtual dates,  do zoom dates with a bunch of your friends.  Grab a glass of wine if you want to or walk and talk but CONNECT! The connection feels good 🙂 

Shift your focus.

If you’re going down the doomsday of Oh crap, money, finances, whatever it is, shift your focus, like physically shift your focus. If you catch yourself stuck, or spinning, this is the time to go for a bike ride.  Go do laundry, whatever. Shift your focus away. Don’t allow yourself to go down that spinning road. This is really, really important.

Do not get stuck on scarcity around finances and money.

This is common right now- but you are not common. Listen, ALL MONEY IS MONOPOLY money until you are actually USING it. It doesn’t matter what the news is telling you right now. It does not matter what the stock market doing right now. None of it matters unless you are pulling your retirement out right now. It doesn’t matter. I’ve watched my funds completely  tank and then come right back up. It’s play money. So you’ve got to start looking at it right now as if  it’s not real to you unless you’re actually pulling out and using it. Do not  even look at the accounts or statements.  Instead I encourage you to operate from your VISION instead of  from circumstance.

Ask yourself what your VISION is and then operate  from that place. What would the person living in that vision do with their time and thoughts right now? How would THEY spend their day?

This is the best time to be hiring a coach. There was not a better time. This is when you hire a coach. This is you need somebody to help push you. You need somebody to help pull out the creativity in you. You need somebody to lead you. This is the time to do it. And I’ll tell you, any coach worth their while will make a win win for you right now. They will help you with the financing. They will put off payments, they’ll whatever it is, but this is the time. If there has never been a time like before to hire a coach, do not let your bank account or scarcity mindset stop you from that. That is what credits for some times. So hire that day and coach right now. There’s no better time. You’ve got the space. You’d have the need. Have somebody help you pull this out of you. 

What we can all control

The one thing we can all truly control right now is our attitude and outlook on things. I CHOOSE to focus on what is GREAT right now. There is a lot that is great.

-Natalie Jill

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Why Do I Feel Tired All the Time?

Posted on April 28, 2020 By In Fitness With disabled comments

“I’m tired all the time.”
“I have no energy.”
“I’m too tired to go to the gym.”
“I need a nap.”

Walking around in a fog seems like standard operating procedure nowadays. No matter how common it is, though, feeling exhausted, low energy, or sleepy all the time is not normal. It’s always a sign that something else is going on.

Tiredness, Sleepiness, Fatigue: What’s the Difference?

What does it mean when someone says, “I’m tired all the time?” Are they falling asleep at their desk? Do they need to take an afternoon nap in order to function in the evening? Perhaps they feel too wiped out to exercise or even get off the couch?

Colloquially, we use the word “tired” to describe the subjective experiences of both sleepiness and fatigue. “Sleepiness” is the familiar experience of needing sleep due to sleep debt. We all know what this feels like.

“Fatigue” can mean a few things. There is the tiredness you experience after overwork or exertion, which is usually temporary. Then there are the chronic feeling of exhaustion, low motivation, physical weakness, or inability to function.

From a medical perspective, sleepiness and fatigue are different. The boundaries are fuzzy, though, and there is a lack of agreement about the best ways to assess and differentiate the two.‘>2

Obviously, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Am I getting at least seven hours of sleep per night?” Really, I’d say at least eight for most people. That doesn’t mean seven hours in bed. It takes a while to fall asleep, and most people wake up at least a couple times per night. An analysis of over 10 million users’ Fitbit data revealed that the average person is awake or restless for 25.5 minutes per night.‘>4 If you are maintaining one sleep schedule during the week and a completely different one on the weekends, stop. Make a concerted effort to maintain the same sleep and wake times for a few weeks and see if that helps.

Sleepiness is also a sign of circadian rhythm misalignment.‘>6

Consider keeping a sleep-wake diary or using a sleep tracker such as an Oura Ring or Fitbit. This can provide some initial insight into what’s going on.

Can Your Diet Cause You to Feel Tired All the Time?

Possibly. There are certainly links between certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies and fatigue. Low iron (even without anemia),‘>8 B vitamins (especially B12‘>10 Vitamin D in particular seems to be associated with sleep disorders.‘>12 and non-celiac gluten sensitivity‘>14,‘>16 Of course, it’s entirely possible that sleepiness leads people to consume more caffeine, not the other way around. Experimental tests on the effects of caffeine consumption are mixed, suggesting individual differences in the degree to which caffeine affects sleep.‘>18 It’s counter-intuitive, because a lot of people like to have a glass of wine or other beverage to help them sleep. While it may help you fall asleep, alcohol has a tendency to disrupt sleep phases in a way that renders your sleep incomplete.

On the other hand, maybe it’s what you’re not drinking—enough water. Dehydration, perhaps even mild dehydration, can cause fatigue.‘>20 You don’t have to force yourself to drink a certain amount each day, but consider adding a glass of water or two, perhaps with a pinch of sea salt, if you’re feeling somewhat fatigued.

Lifestyle Factors That Affect Tiredness

Leading a sedentary, indoor lifestyle

Being sedentary is associated with experiencing greater fatigue.‘>22,‘>24 Exercise can also improve sleep.‘>26 I don’t think I need to tell you how I feel about chronic cardio, do I?

Taken as a whole, the evidence suggests that low-level aerobic activity is particularly effective for helping to relieve tiredness. If you’re feeling tired all the time, try going for a daily walk. Walking is by far my favorite low-intensity activity. Plus, you get the added bonus of sun exposure, weather permitting. Get that vitamin D boost! One study found that three-quarters of patients who complained of fatigue were deficient in vitamin D‘>28


Experiencing extreme and/or chronic stress can also lead to fatigue and sleep problems. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction interventions have been shown in many studies to reduce symptoms of fatigue in individuals with a wide range of chronic health problems.‘>30,‘>32

  • Type 2 diabetes‘>34
  • Hypothyroid‘>36
  • Heart disease’>38
  • Perimenopause and menopause’>40
  • These are just some of the many issues that are associated with otherwise unexplained sleepiness or fatigue. There are others, namely chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, for which fatigue is a defining characteristic, not just a symptom.

    When you talk to your doctor, try to be as specific as possible about what you are experiencing. Is it fatigue that manifests as physical exhaustion, weakness, or lack of desire or ability to do daily activities? Persistent sleepiness despite apparently good sleep habits? Make a note of frequency and patterns, such as if you experience fatigue more at certain times of day, after meals, or, if applicable, at specific times of your menstrual cycle. Track your sleep for a few nights at least. Your doctor will ask.

    Tell your doctor about any other symptoms you are also experiencing, even if they seem unrelated. Your doctor might spot a pattern that leads to a diagnosis. Finally, make sure you tell your doctor about any medications you are taking, as fatigue might be a side effect.

    Getting to the Root of Your Issues

    As you see, there are lots of possible causes for tiredness. If your sleepiness or fatigue is significantly affecting your quality of life—you have trouble completing your daily tasks, your memory is impaired, your mood is affected or you feel depressed—a doctor’s visit is absolutely in order.

    If you want to try to self-experiment at home first, start with the obvious and easy steps:

    • Optimizing sleep hygiene
    • Staying in bed for eight to nine hours every night at the same time
    • Eliminating gluten if you haven’t already
    • Removing caffeine in the afternoon
    • Making sure you’re hydrated
    • Avoiding long periods of being sedentary
    • Getting outside and getting plenty of sunlight
    • Taking steps to alleviate stress

    You can also try tracking your food for a week using Cronometer to see if you are consistently low on any vitamins or minerals. Up your intake of foods rich in the vitamins or minerals you need. If you’re not already eating a serving of liver each week (for iron and other nutrients) and small, oily fish (for essential fatty acids) on the regular, do that. If you think you’re clinically deficient in one or more areas, get tested before supplementing willy nilly.

    Is Inflammation the Key?

    What do poor sleep, chronic illness, sedentary lifestyles, poor gut health, chronic stress, and nutrient-poor diets all have in common? Inflammation.

    It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that some scientists believe that inflammation is a key feature in fatigue of various etiologies.